I have been a photography enthusiast since I was a child. Shooting with a little instamatic left over from the 1960's my mom gave to me, I enjoyed that instant gratification of pushing the button and knowing I had captured something forever. I recently came across a photograph of myself as a 4 year old flower girl. Nothing spectacular of course beyond how cute I obviously was but oddly enough the only photos where I’m smiling are those where I have a camera in hand. This is about you, not me. It is your dream wedding, your celebration of a new baby, your wish to capture four generations of an ever expanding family or even just new head shot for a new job. Every person, event, need and desire are individualistic to you. Photographing weddings and commitment ceremonies, family portraiture, pregnancy and engagement portraits are all steps in documenting the important events of your life. I have to understand the goal and do what it takes to make it happen. The biggest goal beyond a great portrait is to make sure you have fun, smile and laugh in the process. The next goal is that you feel the photograph in your heart and see a beautiful image in your mind. One to be proud of and cherish. Years of experience and ongoing education separate me from craigslist. Passion and drive separate me from weekend warriors. Tenacity, enjoying what I do and a love of photography keep me striving to always do the best. I'm a lucky girl. I hope that my photographs touch your heart, make you laugh, make you think, make you dream and maybe even cry in a good way!